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Mlynceky - cottage accommodation

foto spoluThe accommodation in three cottages is situated near the village Mlynčeky, in the woods under the Vysoké Tatry mountains. The capacity is 9 + 11 + 13 persons. In every cottage there are 3 bedrooms, a dayroom, TV with a satellite, radio, bathroom, WC, kitchen with stove and refrigerator and a dining room. All of them have electrical heating. An external fireplace is also for your disposal (two smaller cottages have also their own fireplace). Parking place is just behind the complex. Cottages can be rented separately or together – depending on your demand. Catering can be individual or in the hotel Juvenia (150 m).

The village Mlynčeky is approximately 500 m far from the cottages. Near the village there is a 300 m long ski lift (with an artificial snow if needed) and a pond. Woods in the neighborhood are appropriate for collecting of mushrooms and wood fruits.

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