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CastleThe castle is a so-called municipal castle - it was built inside the free royal town Kezmarok to protect ot against its potential enemies. The construction of the castle has been connected with the Zapolsky family - the fist written report is from 1463. During centuries several owners changed in the Kezmarok castle. In 1579 the castle and abusively also the free royal town Kezmarok fell into the hands of the Thokoly family, the four generations of which resided there until 1684. The last owner of the castle was Ferdinand Rueber, from whom the town had in 1702 bought the castle. The youngest part is baroque chapel built in 1657 - 1658. In 1931 a museum was open there.

Visiting hours:
During the min season: Tue - Fri 9 -12 13 - 16.30 entry every 30 minutes, Sat, Sun 9-12 13-16.00, entry every whole hour
Out of season: Tue - Fri 9 -12 13 - 16.00 , admission every hour, Sat only groups booked in advance
Tel. +421/52/4522618-19

The exposition of house furnishings in Spis region

The exposition of house furnishingsThe exposition of house furnishings in Spis region is placed in the gothic - renaissance house on the main square No.55. It introduces the development of house - furnishings, the exposition is divided to parts according to the functions of furnishings. The first room is dedicated to the memory of baroness Hedviga Maria Szirmay, the last descendant of the Badanyi family. In other rooms the exposition shows the development of different kinds of furniture. The main exhibit of the museum is a very sophisticated chest from the second half of the 19.-th century. The exhibition of pipes and and today almost unknown kind of furniture for its swapping called pipatorium belongs to the main curiosities of the museum.

Visiting hours: Tue - Sat 9 -12 13 - 17.00
Tel. +421/52/4522906

Town gallery, Kezmarok information agency

Kezmarok information agencyThe house was originally built in gothic - renaissance style. Before 1669 it had been owned by "Habans", in 1669 the owner of the Kezmarok castle donated the house to its servant Adam Badanyi. His family lived here until 1973. The last descendant of the family was the baroness Hedviga Maria von Szirmay. The Badanyi family had got the house rebuilt in the 18.-th century in late - baroque style.
Since 1993 on the first floor the town gallery has been open and since 1996 on the ground floor has been working the Kezmarok information agency.
Visiting hours:
Town gallery: Mon - Fri 9 -12 13 - 17.00, Tel. +421/52/4523170, The Information agency: Mon - Fri 8.30 - 17.00, Sat, Sun 9 - 14.00 (out of season Sunday's closed), tel., fax +421/52/4524047