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Coat-of-arms of KezmarokHISTORY

     The history of Kezmarok is very rich and interesting, it introduces a symbiosis Painting from Rohbock from the middle of the 19th century of cultures of 3 nationalities - Slovak, German and Hungarian nationality. These 3 nationalities had been living peacefully side by side for many centuries.
     The town Kezmarok was established by combining several settlements of Slavic inhabitants with a settlement of German colonists. In the year 1269 the three settlements received the Urban right and became a town. Free royal town Kezmarok got also many privileges:
the right to use its own coat-of-arms, the right of sword, the right of two annual markets, the right of free fishing and using wood, problematical right of sword and many others.
     Kezmarok was situated on an important tradeway which con
The right of coat-of-arms' use from 1463nected the Orient with north Europe. That's why it has been developing very fast. From 15th until the 19th century there have worked 38 crafts (guilds) in Kezmarok. With this number it was on the 4th place in the whole Slovakia.
     The development of the town has been interrupted several times by wars. There were together 13 wars in the Kezmarok area. Two of them were interesting. The first was the war with nearby town Levoca. These two towns fought with each other because of the right of store. Second war was the fight with the castle which is situated inside the town. For almost 250 years the owners of the castle have been trying to posses the free royal town Kezmarok not respecting its privileges. The war has been concluded in the year 1702.
     Our town has more than 700 years and that's why there are many architectonical styles here. Kezmarok belongs to 17 urban historical memorial reservations. There are also two national cultural memorials - the wooden articular church and the lyceum.

View on Kezmarok from 1814